Shark and Sea Turtle Conservation Policy

Best Practices for Reducing Impact on Bycatch

AquaFoods commits to promote that all its suppliers (companies or individuals), from whom it sources fish and seafood, observe the following practices:
  • Does not actively target sharks and complies with the IATTC resolution to manage shark species.
  • Does not set shark lines on buoys or wire traces.
  • Prohibits the practice of shark finning and our policy is posted on the vessel for crew awareness.
  • For other sharks that are landed, the carcass is retained with fins naturally attached or partially cut and tied to the shark.
  • Record the species and quantity thereof in the fishing logbook for all sharks and sea turtles that are landed.
  • Use only monofilament lines.
  • Promotes the transition of fish rather than squid for bait.
  • When feasible, set hooks deeper than typical sea turtle-abundant depths (40-100m).
  • Promotes best practices for bycatch handling and release of sharks, turtles, cetaceans and birds and the fishery does everything possible to release these individuals alive.
  • Engages in proper waste management practices for its activity.